About SRK Group

The SRK Group is a consortium of companies that are leaders in providing Financial Services (Insurance | Mutual Funds | Loans), Electrical Consulting & Services, and Export & Import of products.

Started humble beginning in 2011 as only an Insurance and Electrical Services organization as a single company, today it has evolved into a multi company, multi location and multi activity based group.

While best services for the customer satisfaction is always our focus, this helped the group today to reach a customer base from Individual Customers and small/medium volume organization.

Today the group has added Electrical Consulting and Financial Services (Mutual Funds & Loans) as multiple line of business which is involved in the activity of performing electrical design, installation and commissioning Services. Our business policy stands on 'Four Pillars' - Innovation, Standards, Time and Cost effective solutions. Group has nurtured a strong & long standing relationship with many organizations.

Adding one more gem in our crown is the Export and Import of products. While our business continues to scale its presence and success, it has stayed rooted to the guiding business principles and beliefs.

  • Identify unfulfilled needs of society
  • Convert such needs into business opportunities
  • Offer high quality products and services at reasonable price

Our products are collected from different vendors (farmers and manufacturers) all over the country. After a thorough and detailed quality analysis the products are packaged and shipped to our customers. The hallmark of our service is a firm commitment to quality and timely service, factors that give the SRK Group the strength to face the customer with confidence.

  • Our Vision

    To be a premium global company, with a clear focus on each of the businesses.

  • Our Mission

    To deliver superior value to our customers, employees and society at large.

Our Values

  • Integrity: Taking decisions in a manner that is fair and honest. Following the highest standards of professionalism and being recognized for doing so. Integrity for us means not only financial and intellectual integrity, but encompasses all other forms.

  • Commitment: On the foundation of Integrity, we deliver value to all customers. In the process, being accountable for our own actions and decisions, those of our team and those in the part of the organization for which we are responsible.

  • Passion: Delivering intelligent solutions and enhancing value for customers through a seamless combination of products, services, personnel and technology.
  • Bala - Bangalore, India

    I got the insurance quote with all the details in a very professional way. The presentation was so good. Their expertise helped me to decide the right policy.

  • Partha - Chennai, TN, India

    Amazing presentation. I saved my child by taking the child policy. Expect everyone should be benefited out of this. The service you are doing is fabulous. Best wishes.